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I've been in the A/E/C/Environmental arena since 1978 - that's almost long enough to know better! As an A/E/C Marketing professional, I've lived and worked in Texas and California, pursuing projects across the United States. I've been active in my professional organization (SMPS); taught workshops for SMPS, AIA, ACSM, AWWA, a New York University finance class, and other groups; and written extensively, including a book called "A Horse of a Different Color: Marketing in the Public Sector," recently published by PSMJ (

I've been a cabaret singer and professional actor since 1975 and have made five recordings. My audiences have ranged from 5 to 3,000 people. That experience also makes me a great presentation coach for people with less experience speaking and/or performing in front of an audience.


A/E/C industry marketing, my extended family, music, opera, theatre, art, dance, good conversation, fine food